We make travel brim with new discoveries and unique experiences.
Come, Live The Journey with us!

The Root of the idea:

Every journey has its own inception. Ours began with a vision to help people shed the shackles of mainstream tourism and experience travel in the liberating authenticity of culture and tradition.

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A special shout-out to The ToRoots mascot, Lt. Her Highness Janki Devi Jr. Jr., who was perhaps the first of them all to get on board.

Acquaint yourselves with the craftsmenof this project. They are the explorers and the ones behind it all. We present to you,
our core team:

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Naveen - The Drifter

Imagine a man with bare feet, nothing but a map and basic belongings in hand and no concrete destination in mind.

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Mohit - The Biker

A lone biker and an ardent naturalist, Mohit is always on the prowl for new adventures and destinations that he can chase on a bike.

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