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ToRoots is a community driven platform for experiential travel which helps travellers easily discover and book unique and beyond sightseeing travel experiences. Our experiences are something which helps the travellers explore the ‘roots’ of India, hence the name ToRoots (i.e. back to the roots).
All the experiences listed on ToRoots are verified before being listed, to eliminate the chances of expectation mismatch. So our travellers get what they have been communicated in each experience.
Experiential Travel also known as immersive travel is when traveller is interested into understanding the culture, people, food, history and much more of the place where he is travelling, than just sightseeing.
One can search the upcoming experiential travel option either by the search box by parameters like location, category, activity or the grid menu on the homepage of trending categories and locations. On the search results page there is advanced filter which the travellers can use to filter down the results as per their requirements like duration, budget etc.

Keeping the interest of travelers in mind, the categories are chosen accordingly. They are as follows:

  • Weekend Withdrawals -The best of travel experiences available around various cities / locations to get a break from regular life’s hustle bustle
  • Rustic Rural Charms – Experiencing the rural India while being a guest of the village community and enjoying the culture, hospitality and local food.
  • Intrepid Adventures - This includes the best of adventure travel experience for the thrill seekers to pump up your adrenaline rush.
  • Nuances of Nature – The getaways when you want to be close to nature and nothing else.
  • Epic Road Trips - Covering the great landscape of India on road trips by SUVs or on bike, while making friends on the go.
  • Trekking Expeditions – For those who love to go on arduous journeys on foot available in all mountains ranges specifically the mighty Himalayas
  • World of Wildlife – Explore the wildlife that India has to offer via Jungle Safaris and more
  • Relics of History –Explore and relive the history
  • Camping Alfresco – Camp, barbecue, bonfire amidst the woods, valleys, mountains etc. under the sheet of stars
  • Culture Cultivation –Experiencing the culture and traditions of India & its natives by living it
  • Body, Mind & Soul – Experience and understand the deep roots of India as a country through the spiritual journeys
  • Buoyant Biking –Explore the regions, life, culture, and what while pedalling through on bicycles
Yes. One can directly book the experience by paying partial / full amount or can send an inquiry in case something requires discussion.
At the time of the booking, you need to make full/partial payment (whichever applicable). In case of partial booking, the balance amount to be paid on the specified dates.

The experiences can be booked by making online payment using:

  • - Net Banking
  • - Debit / Credit Cards
  • - EMIs using credit cards
Against every travel experience the cancellation policy is mentioned. It differs from experience to experience and the traveller should read them carefully.
ToRoots doesn’t offer online discount on its travel experiences but some promotional offers are offered from time to time on its social page. Also, a traveller can join the ToRoots Explorer Club to avail cash discounts and other lifetime benefits.
Check out the details of our Mystery Traveler program here
You can check all the details of how to earn credits and different ways of using them here
You can send a travel gift card for your loved ones from our Gift A Trip page
ToRoots Explorers Club is a premium lifetime membership which unlocks cash discounts and other lifetime benefits for you. You can check the details and subscribe for the membership here
This is a ToRoots initiative with a belief that every story is unique and needs a platform to shine. This program is meant for travellers who are new to blogging and an incentive is provided to them when they share their story. More details about the Storyteller club can be found on Earn Credits page
ToRoots is selective for the travel experiences on its website. Every experience on the website is verified prior it is listed on the website. For more details register on and someone from the ToRoots team will get in touch. After your registration is approved and signing up of documents is done, you will get your login credentials to your dashboard where you can add and manage experiences you offer. But every experience published on the portal goes through compulsory approval by ToRoots admin before it is published to available for booking by the travellers.
Every travel experience listed on ToRoots creates a chance for its creator to be listed on the portal. There are separate creators pages where a traveller can search the experiences based on the creator.
ToRoots takes the booking and you receives a confirmation of the booking with the details. The booking amount comes to ToRoots accounts first which is later transferred to the Creator’s accounts after deducting the agreed fees of booking. The payments are credited at fixed intervals every month after generation of the invoice.
Yes. For seasoned travel blogger, there is ToRoots Mystery Traveler Program where they can create a referral earning source for themselves, have a self-branding opportunity and win free trips under the Mystery Traveler Program.
Click on the Mystery Traveler Program and fill in the details. Someone from the Blogger Management team will get in touch with you.