Assimilate Into The Life of Rusirani Village      Jaipur

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Rusirani Village is a unique village remotely located on a hillock in rural backdrop of Rajasthan. Mapping its direction in remote North Rajasthan, this destination is approx.100 Km from Jaipur. Surrounded by the desert-like Aravali hills, the villagers live the life rooted in family and friendships. The village is as old as 2500 years. From then till present day the villagers have carried down the legacy of safeguarding their age-old native culture. Untouched, undivided the village is living and reflecting experiences. The village is named after the queen of Alwar. It is said that the queen was upset and she left the Alwar fort to stay in this village, translating it from Marwari (‘RUSI’- UPSET, ‘RANI’- QUEEN) this is so simple yet so catchy Isn’t it?.  What is so intriguing about the setting of this village is that one feels they’ve traveled 200-300 years back in time. There is no electricity, no internet and no phone in Rusirani Village, and only old-fashioned transportation serves its rough, flawed and dirt-track roads.

A visit to this earliest rural settlement gives visitors the chance to witness what rural life is like in a traditional Rajasthani village, the locals here are ever excited to receive guests & give them an insightful experience into their simple way of living life. 




DISCLAIMER: You are going to be very thankful for the experience this rustic, old-fashioned village has to offer you. Get ready to feel a connectedness with locals & rural culture, lots of laughter, and lots of rural tales with a pinch of interesting history.


The essence of this particular trip is undoubtedly the hospitality and enthusiasm of these villagers. They will show a keen interest in showing you their village and sharing their life experiences with you. Rusirani is home to an assortment of happy villagers, few attractive temples in the village, notably the Neelkanth 2000-year-old Rusirani Fort and lush green fields that add to the beauty of this place. You will not feel contrite about your decision. A must visit to explore the vibrant colors of India. For part of your journey to Rusirani Village, you’ll need to continue in a jeep because of the bumpy one-lane path over the hills. During the drive, you’ll pass through some stunning natural landscape, including mountains and lakes.


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  • Experience the rural life From the closest quaters
  • A foray into the Authentic village life of Rajathan
  • Experience the digitally detox life of villagers here with no electricity.
  • The Hospitility Of Villagers
  • Enjoy the location of the village, i.e, admist the hieght of the range of Aravali range
  • Know about the culture and its practices
  • Visit the fort and ancient remains around the village

Stay: Not Applicable

Meals: traditional welcome drink and traditional lunch at the villager's home

Activities: Rural Living

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  • Meeting point At 11:30 A.M. | Hop onto the Rugged looking Jeep

    Start early from Jaipur and meet us at Narayani Mata ka Mandir which is the meeting point. You will be received warmly by our representative at Narayani Mata temple. Start early from Jaipur and meet us at Narayani Mata ka Mandir which is the meeting point. You will be received warmly by our representative at Narayani Mata temple. After spending quite some time at the temple, from here you will proceed to the village in Jeep. Brace yourself for a 12km Exciting ride. As you hop on into rugged looking Jeeps, keep yourself uptight while adrenaline will hit you straight in the nerves, start your journey to the top of the hill as it’s a rough beaten up path. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the adventurous drive and the scenery.
  • Trek Up to Village

    Trek the height of the village and reach there with all the excitement
  • Village Welcome

    On finally reaching the up top of the village, the villagers will welcome you with a warm heart and a Suprise; you may expect a traditional welcome with smiles, vermillion Tilak and welcome drink (Chai/ Pudina Ras). You will already admire your decision.
  • Village tour

    Start exploring the village with the only English/Hindi speaking guide. He will explain to you the intricate lifestyles of these people as you walk around the village under his guidance. While you stroll the village on foot you will understand that the life here is full of verve, color, and traditional culture.
  • Lunch

    The villagers like to host travelers like their guest. Experience their out of the world hospitality; they will cook authentic & hygienic local food for you. So you can relax and have lunch
  • Discussion With villagers

    Now you can meet with the villager, talk with them and know about them
  • Meet the local community

    Meet the local community over there who are keeping their old culture preserved and allow us to know about it
  • Bid Adieu

    After you have spent an entire day living and capturing experiences. Approaching evening bid farewell to the villagers, as an appreciation & return souvenir guys will be given colorful turbans called Pagadis or Shapas in the local language and the ladies colorful Odhanis i.e Shawls. Take their leave and descend down by Jeep again watching the much beautiful sunset slowly descending down the horizon. Return to Jaipur with exquisite and everlasting memories & experience
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  • Transportation to and fro Delhi/jaipur 1000 per person (Mini 4 Person Required)
  • Minimum 4 person


  • Local transportation
  • Local guide and coordinator fee
  • Traditional welcome drinks and lunch
  • All local experience


  • Any items/services which are personal in nature
  • Travel to and fro meeting point
  • Any extra expenses due to delays arising from bad weather and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Any medical expenses.
  • Any other expenses of any nature not included in the INCLUSIONS section.
  • 5% GST Excluded

Other Important Information

  • Transportation available to and fro Jaipur on additional INR 1000 per person for minimum 4 person
  • 5% GST Excluded
  • Trip duration is Around 5 hours (W/O including Travelling time to and fro Jaipur)

Cancellation policy

  • 75% Refund if cancelled 30 days before the trip start date.
  • 50% Refund if cancelled 15 days before the trip start date.
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