A Pet for a Day      Jaipur

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If you love animals then definitely this trip is for you. A Day you can spend with the largest land animal on Earth. A new pet for a day.

Most of the people would not be knowing but yes male elephants are called bulls and females are called cows and yes the baby is called a calf. So whatever you say an elephant or a cow but a day with the largest land animal is an amazing thing. You can paint with them, shower with them and even you can perform stunts with them like Bahubali.

And perhaps you can take your pet to around also or your pet will take you to a walk.

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  • Riding on elephant
  • A shower with elephant
  • Feeding elephants
  • Painting elephants

Activities: Jungle Walk

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  • A Day with an Elephant

    The will be starting by having a ride on the elephant then you will be feeding the elephants with your hands and then the best part of the day having a shower with the elephant and then finally the time will come where you can perform stunts like Bhaubali with the elephant.
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  • Feeding Elephant
  • Riding on Elephant
  • Jungle Safari
  • Shower with Elephant
  • Trunk Climbing
  • Painting the Elephant


  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation to the venue
  • Things which are not mentioned in the itinerary

Other Important Information

  • Information should be provided before handed in case of any patient
  • The entire day will be with elephants so be ready accordingly

Cancellation policy

  • 10% Refund if cancelled 5 days before the trip start date.
  • 25% Refund if cancelled 10 days before the trip start date.
  • 50% Refund if cancelled 15 days before the trip start date.
  • 90% Refund if cancelled 27 days before the trip start date.
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